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Protect Your Joints—Low Impact Cardio With Obsidian!

Nothing is worse than the ache in your knees as your feet pound step by step on the treadmill. The wear and tear from high impact cardio like running and jumping can begin to affect your joints and eventually your overall will to continue exercising. The Obsidian Slide Board is designed to counter just that! […]

5 ways to eat healthier this 4th of july

  Replace these unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives. Whether you are barbecuing at home, at the beach, or eating at a restaurant, don’t neglect your health this 4th of July.  Grill your meats instead of frying them, drink fruit juice instead of soda pop, and remember that the fat and calories of condiments can add […]

Gear Recommendations with #soccer Theme in Honor of the World Cup from Obsidian Slide Boards

<divstyle=”padding-top:10px;padding-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;margin-right:0;text-align:center”>   GO #TEAMUSA! keep up the good work in #worldcup2014 Channel your World Cup enthusiasm into your high intensity slide board workout with some of our favorite summer workout gear! Our Wardrobe Wednesday this week is dedicated to the World Cup inspired style that will help you see the results you want! Adidas Mens ClimaLite […]

Tackle Your Next Workout With This Killer Gear

This week we’ve found some stylish gear to help you dominate your next slide board workout! They are basic essentials that look great and will work as hard as you do! Of course, don’t forget your high intensity, low impact Obsidian slide board trainer. Our board is perfect for hockey and skating training, low impact […]

Suggested Obsidian Slide Board DVD Rotation

A Leisurely Slide Board Workout We have often been asked by our customers what the suggested rotation was for our workout DVD’s.  We asked Lacey (one of the trainers in the videos)  what a good rotation for the DVD’s would be and she said:“My opinion is to start with;  Beginner Then intermediate Followed by advanced  […]