How to Apply for Divorce in Bangalore?

Have you planned to break up your loved one after lot of mess? Then this article is for you to get started with divorce procedure in bangalore

How to Apply for Divorce in Bangalore
How to Apply for Divorce in Bangalore

There is no requirement to make an additional petition for mutual divorce. The court will transform the existing petition into an agreement to divorce by mutual consent. On the next day of the hearing, based on an agreement among the parties, the court could issue an order for divorce if both people present are in agreement with the decree. Find the best lawyers in bangalore for divorce

The mutual consent divorce process is the best method and the most efficient way to end the relationship without suffering heartburn. If two individuals join a relationship of their personal consent, and the relationship becomes negative, and the couple is unhappy, they will have the option to end it. In MCD, you’ll have the option of leaving to choose your own terms since it allows couples to reach the right basis, with no legal proceedings and costs. And also, the divorce settlement process is not too complicated, no alimony in MCD is awarded, and the final decision rests with the couples.

A divorce with mutual consent is filed in a peaceful manner by the spouse and husband, with no opposition from either. Thus, a petition must be filed by both parties. It’s a challenging process physically and mentally; however, it is much simpler than the lengthy legal battle which follows when there’s no consensus from one of them. In order to file an application, it is necessary that the couple has had a separation of at the very least one year. Thus, a couple should not just decide on the same day to submit a divorce petition. Let’s look at how to petition the divorce process in Bangalore.


What is the procedure for mutual divorce in Bangalore?

1. Filing the Petition The lawyers will require you to submit a divorce petition in one of the following locations: 1. The place where the spouse and husband have last resided. 2. In which the couple was married. 3. Where is the wife’s current residence?

2. Grant of First Motion Now that both parties have filed their petition, they have to record their declarations in front of the judge. As previously mentioned, it is presumed both parties want to divorce by their own choice (i.e., by the consent of both parties). Thus, the parties must affirm that they consent to divorce in a non-binding manner. Parties will have to provide the reasons behind their divorce and the terms upon which they’ve decided to divorce (visitation rights and custody rights, for instance). If the parties are not able to be present at court, they can give power of attorney to anyone else (preferably one of their family members) to represent them. After a hearing by the court, it grants the first motion. First Motion.

3. Cooling-off Time The couple is expected to try reconciliation within the following six to 18 months prior to when they file their second motion. At that point, divorce is granted. So, the couple has to be patient for a minimum of six months before being able to come back to the courts with a second motion. If either spouse or the husband-wife informs the judge that their spouse party was not cooperative when reconciling the two, the judge could deny divorce based on mutual agreement.

4. Second Motion At the expiration of six months or up to 18 months, the couple may file the second motion, and the judge will dissolve the marriage.


Divorce Court in Bangalore

Family Court, H Siddaiah Road, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027 Phone: 080 2223 4656


Cost of Divorce in Bengaluru

It’s difficult to determine the cost of divorce in Bengaluru due to the fact that it is contingent on a variety of variables, including the legal fees. However, the majority of divorces are priced between around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000 in India.


Preparing for Mutual Consent Divorce

An agreement to divorce must require both the spouse and husband to agree on a mutually acceptable basis. They have to reach an agreement on many essential issues, like maintenance as well as visitation and custody rights, and the division of financial assets. This can mean a lot of discussions, even before obtaining an attorney. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable; however, it is crucial to work hard to come to an agreement. The alternative (without agreement) is a terribly complex one and could take years to complete.

A one-year break is required prior to making a lawsuit. There is no requirement to have a physical separation since even if both parties reside at the same location, it is legally separated in the event that they do not live together as spouses.
A Memorandum of Understanding relating to the terms under which the couple would like to divide to ensure it is properly drafted and leaves no potential legal action in the context of the agreement.

The joint application for a mutual consent divorce has to be submitted along with the date of marriage details, the reason why the spouse and husband are living apart as well as a brief description of the reason and differences that have occurred between them, and the reason they don’t live together. You don’t have to give any personal details. Both must make jointly (including the no-future claims provision); however, distinct advocates need to file their empty.

When the first motion claims, spouses will submit the joint petition to the court and then request an extension of six months (to reconsider the decision), and then there are negotiations, and a divorce agreement is not signed until they sign it on the following day.

In a mutual consent divorce, it’s much simpler to negotiate fair conditions regarding the parental rights of children. It is possible to get joint or shared custody rights. In terms of the financial aspects of divorce, you’ll have to determine the number of costs of alimony, the expenses of the children, and the method by which the money will be distributed. Of course, it is not essential that the husband is solely accountable for this. It could be based on the ability to pay. Therefore, you’ve looked into the divorce procedure in Bangalore.

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