What Order Should you do the Obsidian workout in?

Here at Obsidian Slide Boards we were asked by our customers for what the suggested rotation was for the workout DVD’s.  We went ahead and contacted Lacey (one of the trainers in the videos) and asked her what a good rotation for the DVD’s would be and her response is below.

First complete the Beginner workout as it will share some techniques and strategies that are useful in the later videos.  Ideally you could then progress as follows;

  1. Beginner DVD
  2. After Mastering The Basic Techniques it is Time For the Intermediate DVD
  3. When You Are Ready Move on to the Advanced DVD

At this point you should be ready to mix and match the others.
When we begin a challenge, we always follow that pattern, that is specifically why we did the Beg, Int, and Advanced. Next we will do Pure Cardio and Abs (great combo), Pure Cardio and Upper Body (also a great combo), power and balance covers every muscle group so it can be coupled with anything. Circuit is a great workout that our clients love to pepper into the mix.

We suggest doing the same workout all week (I know it sounds mundane, but the client really improves with each class and feel really strong by the end of the week). Recovery could be done once a week or any time the customer wants some lengthening/corrective exercise. It is critical to understand and learn the fundamental Obsidian exercises. This sequence will help facilitate great form and execution.

Week 1: Beginner 
Week 2: Intermediate
Week 3: Advanced
Week 4: Pure Cardio alternating with Abs or combine the two
Week 5: Power and Balance alternating with Lower Body or couple the two
Week 6: Circuit

Recovery throughout once a week or any time the customer feels the need for additional lengthening.

A reminder to track nutrition and hit their weekly calorie target (can use Livestrong or Fitness Pal) will greatly enhance their results. Falling short of their calorie target will hinder their ability to build lean tissue and increase endurance. Let me know if you have additional questions.


Lacey, Owner of Obsidian Fitness

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