Spooky Halloween Workout

Happy sPoOkY Halloween!

Halloween is here! You’ve either had your costume planned for a month, or you’re scoping through your closet to figure out what you can be tonight. It’s time for you to greet some happy trick-or-treaters at the door with bite sized candy bars. When you’ve spooked your last trick-or-treater tonight, you might secretly be hoping there will be a few extra treats hiding around the house for you to indulge on. Let’s be honest, you bought the candy of your choosing so that you can sneak a few of your favorites. But wait… Obsidian Slide Board has a spooky halloween trick-or-treat for you…

We have created a quick, low-impact and high-intensity workout for our Obsidian Slide Board users to try out! The trick: try the spooky workout we’ve put together! The treat: the halloween candy you’ve been staring at all weekend. This workout will get your body moving, boost your heart-rate and help you sweat out all the sPoOky toxins in your body. This workout doesn’t only have to be for Halloween, it can even be worked into your every day routine. We have suggested ab workouts, leg and butt workouts, and arm workouts. You can do the workout as is, you can change up the workout, or you can do multiple reps. The choice is yours!

Don’t be too spooked by the workout. Once you’ve done the spooky workout, you’ll feel more energized, sore and ready for a treat! The extra treat: you’ll see the results on your body. 

Happy Halloween!

The Obsidian Team

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