Achieving Higher Levels of Motivation Through Exercise

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How can we optimize our motivation?

As individuals, it is very hard to stay motivated in every aspect of our lives. Let’s face it, there are simply not enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. The question becomes: how can we balance our own life to make sure motivation is optimized? According to The New York Times’ article titled “The Secret of Effective Motivation”, motivation is comprised of internal and instrumental motives. Finding a balance between the internal and instrumental motivations have the potential to lead us to greater success in the output of our work.


Exercise can be both internal and instrumental. There is no “right way” to exercising. Your workout routine should incorporate what works best for your schedule, your body, and your health. The internal motivational aspect relate to the fact that working out can improve mental health. A workout releases the “bad toxins” from the body and encouraging our post-exercise endorphin rush to take over. The instrumental motivations are the physical changes one begins to see in the body. For some, that might be muscle toning or losing a certain number of pounds in a month, for others it might be clearer skin and burning calories.

Internal and Instrumental Motivations

Once these internal and instrumental motivations become a part of your daily or weekly routine, motivation can be maximized not only in your workout regimen, but also in other lifestyle areas. Research shows that the stronger the internal motivation, the greater the instrumental outcome. Taking the time to workout for our brains, even if only for 30 minutes, can improve sleeping patterns, creativity, and motivation to do all the things we wish we could do in a day. Once we can incorporate this motivation into our everyday lives, it will be easier to feel balanced and at ease. This might mean finding a workout that doesn’t require you to drive to the gym. Finding a quick workout to do at home can be beneficial in managing time to do other things. The important thing is that you do something that gets your blood pumping and releases those healthy endorphins. You can make a list of reasons you work out, surround yourself with motivational quotes, set goals for yourself and achieve them, track your successes, get hooked to the post-workout endorphin rush, tell yourself you will regret it if you don’t workout; do whatever it is you need to do to make sure you are internally motivated to workout, feel great and make small changes that will lead you to a higher level of motivation!

How can Obsidian Slide Board help you?

Obsidian Slide Board is designed to provide a quick, high intensity and low impact workout, which will keep you burning calories throughout the day. The best part is that you can use your Obsidian in the comfort of your home, or you can pick a spot outside with a nice view. The workout can be what you make of it, and it won’t be hard on your joints. Not only will it get your blood pumping to release all the endorphins, but it will also save you time to do all the other things you want to do throughout your day! The Obsidian workout might be your answer to optimizing motivation in every aspect of your life.

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